Bronte Pistachio

The cultivation of pistachio "Pistachia Vera" was begun in Sicily by Arab conquerors, who recognized in the northwest side of Mount Etna, fertile land lava can enrich these fruits of certain minerals and vitamins otherwise not found in other types of pistachios .
For the particularity and the extension of "skiing" (lava lands), Arabs chose Bronte, where over the centuries has kept intact the traditional production and collection of pistachios in the local dialect also called Frastuche, just from the Arabic "Fastoch" .
The production of Pistachio fact is performed every two years, this causes the fruits are loads of important substances accumulated for a slow and laborious process. The collection, first peeling and the hassle of pistachio is absolutely manual, this means that the benefits are, if we dare to taste old, almost romantic, not found in other Bronte pistachios if not.

Bronte Pistachios harvest

The pistachio recognized as ductile for the cuisine and Sicilian dishes, contains
High nutrients, good fats, valuable minerals, B vitamins, and many antioxidants, legends say it is also an aphrodisiac ... who knows that eating these fruits flowing through your veins a little 'Etna lava!

The Fruit of pistachio

The green pistachio of Bronte Dop or "Pistachia real'' has a delicate aroma, the fruit is deep green and smaller than other varieties grown their shells in shape, color and distinctive smell of resin ... almost what it denotes the naturalness.
This Variety of pistachio is deserved is the word Dop and being elected slow food, because for centuries in Bronte is grown only in odd years and still collects manually, and then dry the fruits of the Sicilian sun mid-September.
The Pistachio can be considered a power food for its high nutrient levels. Makes an important energy content, a good protein content as well as valuable amino acids and vitamins. Able to challenge the most demanding palates, particularly suitable to enrich all types of bio diet, vegetarian and vegan.
Called the Oro Verde Bronte is appreciated in the Italian and foreign markets for the originality of taste and adaptability in the kitchen and pastry, pistachio oil has also applied also in cosmetic research.