Bronte Pistachios

Try it natural or try the Pistachio Sweet Cream or the Pistachio Pesto

We are a farm producing Pistachios on our land in Bronte, Sicily, on the slopes of Mount Etna. We sell to individuals and wholesale Pistachios in shell, unshelled, natural, chopped pistachios, pistachio flour, pistachio pure paste 100%, ideal as a preparation for the ice cream base or in the production of desserts.

AromaSicilia trades in Sicilian and Italian dried fruit, in addition to the Pistachios of Bronte you can also find Sicilian Almonds, Walnuts and Hazelnuts from Etna.

Do you have an ice cream parlor or a pastry shop? Try our pure pastes for ice cream, are nuts products to make ice cream or granita, we have the pistachios pure paste, almond pure paste and hazelnut pure paste ideal for ice cream and pastry.

Are you a gourmand? Try our desserts now, some like the Pistachios Bronte Cake or the Torrone are always available, while others are artisanal productions and available only in certain periods, like the Colomba the Easter Pistachio Cake and Pistachios Panettone, on the occasion of Christmas.

Have we convinced you? Try our products with Bronte Pistachios original and certificate and you won't be able to do without it!